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Canada as an Arctic Power

Canada as an Arctic Power

Full Title:  Canada as an Arctic Power: Preparing for the Canadian Chairmanship of the Arctic Council
Published:  May 29, 2012
Pages:  24

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Following the Munk-Gordon Arctic Security Program conference, THE ARCTIC COUNCIL: ITS PLACE IN THE FUTURE OF ARCTIC GOVERNANCE, held in Toronto on January 17 and 18, 2012, the Program Steering Committee has released a series of recommendations for the Canadian government to consider prior to taking over the Arctic Council chair from 2013-2015. These 19 recommendations, which cover issues such as emergency management, health and education, and Observers, are considered proposals to strengthen the Arctic Council in general, with the hope that Canada will give them priority during its chairmanship.

The Arctic Security Program, along with the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, has also released The Arctic Council: Its place in the future of Arctic governance. This book is a collection of papers delivered at the January conference, and provides the academic basis from which the above recommendations flow.