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Creating a Blue Dialogue Webinar Series

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM EDT


POLIS Webinar series

Webinar #3

Maintaining SuperNatural B.C. for Our Children: Selected Law Reform Proposals

Our current laws have failed to keep pace with B.C.’s booming resource industries and population growth. In some cases, our laws are actually weaker than they were a feW years ago. In this webinar, the guest speakers will discuss specific recommendations for changing B.C. environmental laws. These recommendations will draw on chapters from the new book Maintaining SuperNatural BC for Our Children: Selected Law Reform Proposals, which was published by the University of Victoria’s Environmental Law Centre in December 2012. Featuring three contributing authors of the book, this webinar will explore solutions to water-specific issues that have been proposed by environmental law experts. These recommendations will be presented with the hope of triggering both debate and consideration, and sparking new law reform ideas from other experts in the field.

Guest Speakers

Calvin Sandborn
Legal Director, Environmental Law Centre, University of Victoria
Editor of Maintaining SuperNatural BC for Our Children: Selected Law Reform Proposals

Andrew Gage
Staff Counsel, West Coast Environmental Law

Jamie Alley
Vice President Pacific, Coastal Zone Canada Association


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