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IBA Community Toolkit

IBA Community ToolkitThe IBA Community Toolkit is a free resource for First Nations, Inuit and M├ętis communities in Canada considering impact and benefit agreements, specifically those with mining companies. While the Toolkit focuses primarily on the mining industry, many of the issues and processes addressed in the Toolkit are relevant to the making of agreements in other industry sectors and contexts, including protected areas, oil and gas, hydro and forestry. 

The goal of the Toolkit is to help communities, negotiators and consultants achieve positive agreements for aboriginal communities.

*The IBA Community Toolkit is being updated!*

With the help of several IBA experts, The Gordon Foundation and The Firelight Group are teaming up with author Ginger Gibson to update the Toolkit with recent changes in legislation and court decisions which may impact negotiations. The new Toolkit will be available for order in the fall of 2014.

Until this time, we will not be printing any more copies of the current Toolkit, and supplies are dwindling. We ask that you please limit hard-copy Toolkit orders to five copies or less until the updated version becomes available.

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