Protecting Canada's water. Empowering Canada's North.

Fresh Water Program

The goal of our Fresh Water Program is to support the development of a comprehensive legal, regulatory, and citizen action framework for the purpose of protecting the quality and quantity of fresh water resources for future generations of Canadians. We have four priority areas:

  1. Supporting the implementation of a National Water Strategy: including a pan-Canadian vision for fresh water protection, consistent drinking water standards for First Nations and all Canadians, a national water conservation strategy, and mechanisms for transboundary cooperation and conflict resolution.
  2. Promoting the development and implementation of robust Regional Water Governance frameworks with a current focus on water rights reform in Western Canada; water conservation and innovation in the Great Lakes; fair water sharing in the Mackenzie River basin; and a coordinated Atlantic water strategy.
  3. Fostering public policies that recognize and respect Indigenous Water Rights and empower indigenous perspectives that seek to enhance protection of fresh water for the benefit of indigenous cultures, traditions and livelihoods.
  4. Strengthening Canada’s role in advancing Global Water Security, including issues related to conflict, development and human rights.