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Water Footprint Infographic

Water Footprint Infographic
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Canada Water Week 2012 - Water Footprint Infographic
March 19, 2012

We hear a lot about carbon footprints these days, but what's a water footprint?

According to a 2011 RBC/Unilever poll, Canadians consistently rank water as the country’s most precious resource, yet we are among the highest consumers of water in the world (each of us uses nearly 6,400 litres of water every day, which, to put it in context, is more water than a daily 10-minute shower produces in two months). The food we eat, the clothes we wear and the products we use all contain something called “embedded” water (for example, the water used to grow the cotton for our jeans and t-shirts). When combined with the water we use in our homes, it adds up to create our water footprint. 

The Canada Water Week Water Footprint Inforgraphic was created to show Canadians how much water is hidden in the things we do and buy every day. Sources for inforgraphic statistics can are attached above. A static "handout" version is also attached in both English and French.

Cette infographie est aussi disponible en français.

Water Footprint Infographic