Protecting Canada's water. Empowering Canada's North.


From the winding expanse of the Mackenzie River to the water flowing from your tap, the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation is committed to protecting—and celebrating—Canada’s water. 

The Foundation’s Water program includes national and international components which seek to improve policy surrounding some of Canada’s largest lakes and rivers in the form of transboundary agreements and increased water monitoring at a community level. The Foundation is also committed to educating Canadians on the significance of water, one of our country’s greatest natural resources, from both a cultural and economic perspective.

The centrepiece of the Water program is the Mackenzie River Basin Initiative, an initiative designed to protect Canada’s largest watershed. As ecologically and economically important to Canada as the Amazon is to Brazil, few Canadians are aware of the significance of the Mackenzie, or of the many threats to its natural state. 

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