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Jane Glassco Northern Fellowship

Jane Glassco Northern Fellowship


2013-2015 Glassco FellowsThe Jane Glassco Northern Fellowship is aimed at young northerners, especially aboriginal northerners, aged 25 to 35, who want to build a strong North that benefits northerners. It is for those who are looking for additional support, networks and guidance from mentors and peers across the North as they deepen their understanding of important issues facing their region, and develop policy ideas to help address them.

The Jane Glassco Northern Fellowships will build on the Fellows' experience through an 18-month long program of both self-directed and collective sharing of knowledge and skills while also allowing for the incorporation of traditional knowledge into the research process. It will enable Fellows to better articulate and share their research and ideas publicly, and strengthen their ability to build a healthier, more self-reliant and sustainable North.

Praise for the Jane Glassco Northern Fellowship

Want to learn more about how the Jane Glassco Northern Fellowship can help you reach your goals? Hear it directly from our first cohort, the 2012 Jane Glassco Arctic Fellows:

  • Read a Thank You letter written by Joseph Flowers about his involvement in the 2012 Jane Glassco Arctic Fellowship program (addressed to former Gordon Foundation Vice-President James Stauch). 
  • What does our first cohort, the 2012 Jane Glassco Arctic Fellows, think of the Fellowship Program? Watch this video and find out:

Jane Glassco Arctic Fellows Video from WDGF Channel on Vimeo.