It’s World Wetlands Day, a chance to come together in appreciation and action for wetlands around the globe. Wetlands are vital to our collective well-being, providing clean water, clean air, and a home for 40% of the world’s species. Wetlands can store 50 times more carbon than rainforests, making them essential ecosystems for fighting climate change.

This World Wetlands Day, we are featuring three organizations that are monitoring and protecting Canada’s wetlands. These organizations all upload their water quality data to DataStream, making it free and accessible for anyone to view. Be sure to check them out!

Ducks Unlimited Canada

Ducks Unlimited Canada has been championing wetland conservation for 85 years, working on projects that address water pollution, climate change, and species conservation, among many others.

One of their projects involved creating best management practices for wetland road crossings. When roads are built in wetlands, it impacts natural water movement and species like frogs, turtles, and salamanders. Ducks Unlimited has created a guide on what to expect regarding water movement when roads are built, which can be used when planning, building, monitoring, or decommissioning a wetland crossing. To test the effectiveness of their best management practices, Ducks Unlimited collected water quality data throughout various sites in the Duck and Porcupine Mountains in Manitoba and the Pasquia Hills in Saskatchewan. Check out Ducks Unlimited’s data on DataStream!