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Media Coverage – 2023


CTV: Here’s a snapshot of some of Canada’s salty waterways harming ecosystems

Arctic Policy Hackathon

The Philanthropist: Hackathons and treaty simulations: Building young Northern and Indigenous leaders’ policy muscle. Gordon Foundation President and CEO Sherry Campbell reflects on engaging youth in policy work.

The Arctic Institute: First Arctic Policy Hackathon Addresses Food Sovereignty. Michelle Malandra reflects on the first Arctic Policy Hackathon. 

Understanding Modern Treaties

Yukon News: Yukoners among representatives at National Treaty Simulation

Midday Cafe (CBC Radio Yukon): Yukon youth participates in Treaty Simulation talks in Ottawa. Lenita Alatini discusses taking part in the fifth National Treaty Simulation.

Wawa News: Métis Nation of Ontario Youth Council partners with The Gordon Foundation to host a youth Self-Government Simulation

Media Coverage – 2022


The Hill Times:  Funding isn’t flowing: ending dry spell for freshwater action by Carolyn DuBois (DataStream), Daniel Gladu Kanu (Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective), Alexis Kanu (the Lake Winnipeg Foundation), Bruce Maclean (Maclean Environmental Consulting), Nathalie Piedboeuf (Groupe d’éducation et d’écosurveillance de l’eau – G3E), and Emma Wattie (Atlantic Water Network). Read it for free on DataStream.

The Globe and Mail: Meet 50 emerging leaders reinventing how Canada does business. Carolyn DuBois was named as one of 50 Changemakers by Report on Business Magazine, 25 February 2022.

Arctic Policy Hackathon

CBC: Patricia Johnson-Castle appeared on the On the GO podcast from CBC Radio Newfoundland and Labrador.

CBC: Alyssa Carpenter spoke to Midday Cafe, a CBC radio show in Yukon.

Understanding Modern Treaties

Yukon News: Simulated treaty talks serve as learning opportunity, March 11 2022.

Jane Glassco Northern Fellowship

CBC: Northern scholar wants to make land claim agreements more reader-friendly, featuring Jane Glassco Northern Fellow Marlisa Brown discussing her policy research. July 2 2022.

CBC Radio: Jane Glassco Northern Fellow Marlisa Brown appeared on the Trailbreaker with Loren McGinnis to chat about her policy research paper.   

Cabin Radio: What could help people understand land claims and self-governance?, featuring Jane Glassco Northern Fellow Marlisa Brown discussing her policy research. May 27 2022.

NNSL: Research examines barriers to Indigenous participation in news media, featuring Jane Glassco Northern Fellow Garrett Hinchey discussing his policy research. March 24 2022.

Nunavut News: Iqaluit youth look into ways to improve Nunavut’s suicide prevention strategy, featuring Jane Glassco Northern Fellow David Korgak. February 2 2022.



Toronto Star: Here’s one powerful way to protect our Great Lakes: open data, op-ed by Carolyn DuBois. 29 October 2021.

Water Canada: New online platform for sharing water quality data. 29 October 2021.

CBC Radio: Listen to Carolyn DuBois appearing on Ontario morning, starting at 3 minutes, discussing the release of Great Lakes DataStream. 2 November 2021.

Nation Talk: A new era for tracking the health of the Great Lakes, October 26, 2021.

Blackburn Media: Great Lakes Data gathered on new online platform, November 8 2021. podcast: Carolyn DuBois discusses Great Lakes DataStream at 2 minutes 52, November 8 2021.

Welland Tribune: New collaboration to gather water monitoring data across Great Lakes. August 18 2021.

Understanding Modern Treaties

CKLB Radio: Upcoming treaty simulation an opportunity for youth to learn to negotiate, previewing the Dene Nation Treaty Simulation, July 13 2021.

CBC: National Treaty Simulation participant Rayna Vittrekwa and expert advisor John B. Zoe appeared on the NWT radio show Trail’s End with Lawrence Nayally. Their story was then covered in the online news piece Learning to negotiate: online simulation exposes youth to the complex world of treaty negotiations. 14 March 2021.

CBC: National Treaty Simulation participant Breanna Smith appeared twice on the CBC Yukon radio show Midday Cafe. She was interviews by Leonard Linklater during the simulation to explain why she was taking part and after the simulation Breanna reflected on what she had learned.  10 March 2021 and 15 March 2021.

Jane Glassco Northern Fellowship

CBC: Jane Glassco Northern Fellow Alyssa Carpenter was interviewed by Leonard Linklater on the CBC Yukon radio show Midday Café during the third gathering of the 2020-21 Fellows. February 18 2021.



Policy Options: The Canada Water Agency must tap into the sector’s innovations, by Carolyn DuBois, The Gordon Foundation’s Water Program Director and Matthew McCandless, the executive director of IISD Experimental Lakes Area, July 9 2020.

The Walrus: New Wave. An in-depth look at the work of DataStream and its partners across Canada. October 23, 2020. This feature also appeared in the September/ October issue of the Walrus magazine.

Great Lakes Now: Canada Water Agency: Government hopes to consolidate water data and management. October 1, 2020..

Water News Magazine: DataStream: An Evolving Data-Sharing Platform. September 2020.

Jane Glassco Northern Fellowship

Nunatsiaq News: Nunavut must move beyond paying lip service to traditional values, says Glassco fellow. Tina Piulia DeCouto discusses her policy paper, May 19 2020.

Nunatsiaq News: Strengthening Inuit identity by learning from the land. Marjorie Kaviq Kaluraq discusses policies to encourage land-based education programs. May 25, 2020.

Policy Options: In the North, young policy researchers innovate and adjust for COVID-19. Interviews with five Jane Glassco Northern Fellows about how their research is applicable in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. May 27, 2020.

APTN: From tax codes to addictions, young leaders hope to change Canadian policies for northerners. Jane Glassco Northern Fellows Killulark Arngna’naaq and Kristen Tanche speak about their policy research ideas. June 17, 2020.

Yukon News: Whitehorse woman publishes Jane Glassco policy research paper. An interview with Jane Glassco Northern Fellow Kelly Panchyshyn. June 25 2020.

CBC: Why on-the-land educators see opportunity in a global pandemic, an in-depth piece drawing on the expertise of Jane Glassco Northern Fellows Chloe Dragon Smith, Kristen Tanche, and Marjorie Kaviq Kaluraq.  May 19, 2020.

CBC Radio, The Current: Holding class outdoors amid pandemic, featuring an interview with Jane Glassco Northern Fellow Marjorie Kaviq Kaluraq, July 29 2020.

CBC: Northern youth gather in Yellowknife to create policy change. Interviews with Jane Glassco Northern Fellows when they gathered in Yellowknife, February 23 2020.

Cabin Radio: Here’s what this year’s NWT Jane Glassco fellows are studying. Interviews with Jane Glassco Northern Fellows when they gathered in Yellowknife, February 25 2020.

Understanding Modern Treaties

Nunatsiaq News: Inuit youth learn how to negotiate treaties, 19 February 2020.

CBC Yukon Morning: Yukoners attend National Treaty Negotiation and Implementation Simulation, 10 February 2020.


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